Why Small Groups?

We believe that having healthy, growing relationships with the people around us is a very important part of having a healthy, growing relationship with God. Getting to know people on your on can prove to be challenging, but our Small Groups provide a fun, safe atmosphere to engage people with each other. No matter where you’re at in life or with God, there’s a place for you.

If you’re wanting to get connected with those around you, then a Small Group is the next step for you. Click Here to get started!

What Should I Expect?

There are men’s groups, women’s groups, and even couple’s groups for all ages and stages of life. Some put their focus on relations, activities, bible studies, and even support groups. They meet at different times and locations all throughout the week.

The goal of joining a group is to grow closer to God around people that can support you in taking that next step. And the great things is, you can decide which group fits you and your schedule!